Krista Hardersen LMP

I’m Krista Hardersen, and I’ve been a Massage Practitioner for 15 years.

Approach: Specific and holistic
My approach is two-fold. First, I like to get to the root of the specific problem. Then I work to create a holistic experience of self-care that extends beyond the initial need. If you come in for neck pain, I want to first work to alleviate that pain. Then I want to follow the story of that pain, to see how it is systematically connected to your physical and emotional fabric. This means beyond massage, I incorporate mental and emotional techniques into my practice – Somatic Experiencing, cranioSacral work and energetic practices like Reiki are often part of the treatment. Making the pain go away is always useful. But ultimately I’m looking to help my clients ground themselves for the long term by connecting them with their own bodies.


Style: Personal and connected
Muscle connectivity and people connectivity as related. I see massage as an exchange. It’s important for me to get to know my clients, and for them to know me. When I can tune into someone, I can better understand their needs and help them relax and release.

How I came to Massage
I came to massage through personal experience. While I was finishing my anthropology degree, with poor postural habits and little body awareness, I found myself in severe pain. With the help and education of a great chiropractor with a gym in his office, I learned about the body and it’s limitless ability to protect and heal itself. I had finally found my calling. To help others heal themselves.

Education and Training:
University of Kansas, BA., Anthropology, 1995
Brian Utting School of Massage, 2000
Continuing Ed in Cranio-Sacral, Somatic Experiencing and Reiki

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