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    Our Mission
    To provide exceptional care for every patient
  • naturalfamilymedicine
    Family Medicine
    Comprehensive Care for All Individuals Regardless of Age
  • midwifery
    Complete Care from Pre-Conception thru Postpartum including Home and Birth Center Births
  • fertility-
    Naturopathic and Traditional Chinese Medicine Support for Individuals and Couples desiring a Healthy Pregnancy
  • acupuncture
    Traditional Chinese Medicine including Acupuncture and Herbs

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Our mission is to provide a safe, caring environment to help individuals and families build a healthy foundation for achieving and maintaining wellness.

At Ground Floor Health, we tailor the patient-physician relationship to each individual, combining both conventional and alternative medical views to ensure the best outcome.

Comprehensive Family Medicine

Our experienced team of providers combines the best of conventional and alternative therapies to create a personal wellness plan tailored to each individual patient.

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Fertility and Midwifery

We work with women and families from a variety of backgrounds to optimize health and fertility prior to pregnancy and continue that care through pregnancy, labor, and postpartum

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